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This powerful collection of meditations is now available on CreateSpace and Amazon. (*Now Available for download)By now, you have read my articles on narcissism and if you have not, as of yet, click on the blog category to the right of this page. People who grow up with a narcissistic parent suffer emotional abuse all of their lives, until they begin to take their power back. This comes from working with a psychotherapist and now you have these guided meditations for healing as an adjunct to therapy. Don’t forget pen and paper to write down what happens as a result of each meditation.


Your Charming Life is available on Amazon. This is a book that will transform your life as a woman. You know what you want in your heart but you are holding yourself back from having this success because of fear. Because of yearnings that never seem to be within your grasp. Find out why by reading this book and be ready to have a second chance!

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