Pimping a Girl

How do women end up with these bad boys in the first place? I did a ride along with an Oakland vice policeman many years ago. He told me about the Pimps Bible which oddly enough was still available on Amazon, the last time I checked. Pimps are not much different than players and they are not much different from batterers or any other type of bad guy that isn’t worth going out with. They all know how to lure in a victim. A pimp and a player is obviously doing this very purposely and consciously. A batterer isn’t smart enough to understand it on a conscious level he is just as desperate and vulnerable as the victim. But don’t feel sorry for him. Especially since he is going to punch your lights out pretty soon. If he doesn’t do that, he will rip you off financially – take all your money, sexually abuse you, or emotionally harass you until you are feeling worse than you were when you met him.

Here is what they look for:

1. Ugly: Girls who are ugly are the best ones to focus on in the pimp world – They are the most vulnerable and the neediest. This doesn’t mean you have to be ugly, you only need to feel like you are on the inside. The person with the lowest self-esteem is going to win the boobie prize. If you feel like crap, or think you look like crap, stay away from guys – it is too easy to reel in a fish that stinks.

2. Foster Children: People who have no one to hold them accountable, especially those living in group homes where there are no parents available, just staff working with them. The younger the better, the fairer skinned the better. Pimps line up outside of group homes in the inner city that I worked with. They come with business cards, a trunk full of generic Victoria Secret, and lots of bs about what they are going to do for you. They love making you feel like you are the princess with lines like “you could be a model,” and then later your name turns into bitch, whore and skank.  The guy who once told you he was your boyfriend is now asking you to turn tricks and says “Where’s my money?”

3. Vulnerable: Have you recently had someone die that was very close to you? Did you lose your job? Were you kicked out of a friend’s house? Are you on your last dime? Whatever the reason is that you are feeling more than a little vulnerable and unsure of what to do with your life, you can be sure there will be a guy there to rescue you. Unfortunately, no matter how nice he seems, chances are you are being picked up by a bad guy. No one does anything for free. Unless he is actually on a white horse with armor around him – and even then I’d run for the hills since we don’t live in the 1500’s.

4. Disability: Anyone with a mental health issue is a prime target for a pimp. Women who have some form of mental retardation. Substance abuse issues. Severe psychosis. If you don’t have a mental illness when they meet you, you will definitely suffer from one when they are through with you.

Here is the game and while I am talking about pimps, don’t think it doesn’t happen in your neighborhood with a guy who isn’t expecting you to turn tricks:

First the come on. He finds you. Girls/Women fantasize over the man who comes up to them and puts on the front that he likes them.

Second the sweet talk. To an average person his words would be nauseating. To someone who feels like crap, it is better than feeling like dirt.

Third the invitation. He wants to get together with you and take you out to eat. The sooner the better because this wolf is hungry for more girls to put on the track.

Fourth the favor. Now that your his “girlfriend,” he has a few favors for you to do for him. He needs a little money, he has done so much for you. If not, there will be consequences. The consequences are worth doing the favors for.

Fifth keeping your place on the track (and in the house). Once you are in the stable, you are now one of several. He goes out of his way to keep you from making friends within. Jealousy and competition are rewarded by being given the sense that you are in charge. If you are not in charge, you might as well be dead. Again the consequences.

Not much of a difference here between pimping, players, batterers and any other type of bad guy. They are out to use you, abuse you and toss you aside. You will be disrespected, taken advantage of, cheated on, beaten but sometimes it is only one of these and this is the reason why women stay. The comment I hear so often is “At least he doesn’t hit me,” “No, he wouldn’t do that.”

Its better to hear it on a blog then to see it live on the streets. Parents be pro-active in your children’s lives. Take control of technology in your house. Being a strict parent, being responsible is better than being one who wishes they had paid more attention. Social workers get to know the policemen nearby. Drive around late at night, after work and see what goes on when you are sleeping. These men are not going away. They know where you live. Don’t let them in your daughter’s life. Women, be wise, take it slow and know that “too much, too soon, too quick,” means you are about to get screwed and taken for a ride.

What do you think?

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